Gel Injection

                   For Contouring Your Face and Lips


Gel is a specific synthetic material that can be used to fill some of the deep facial furrows. It works very well for the treatment of nasolabial angle deep grooves known as smile lines. Gel injection is also used for other purposes including but not limited to contouring and increasing the volume of your lips and for cheek augmentation; correcting the deep grooves under your eyes, and in treating some of the deep furrows in forehead and between eyebrows. The type of gel being utilized and the technique of its injection are very important aspects of the respective treatment in order to achieve an optimal result. There are many types of gels found in the market that unfortunately most of them are not regulated and standardized of which, I do not use in my practice.


There is no specific age group for gel injections. This treatment is done in my clinic and I am committed to create a very nice and natural facial and lip contours for you. Depending on your needs, I only inject a well-known standardized type of gel that does not migrate and is very smooth without any hardening. Once I inject the gel, during and after the treatment, you will not experience any pain and your sensations will be intact after injection. Fortunately, there is not any significant contraindication for gel injection and in my patients, there are hardly any signs of edema or bruising at the site of gel injection. After the injection, you can go home by yourself in a very good condition.


If you are unhappy with your smile lines, if you want more beautiful and attractive lips, and if you need cheek augmentation in a very safe and standard way without any surgical procedure, contact me. I can help you to look your best.


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